Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's Like Ra-ee-ain.

Helloo. Today was eventful (not really) so I'll get right to the goods!

I actually don't love tornados, but it just so happens that we had one today in Ohio. Exciting, exciting. I was at Urban Outfitters but the weather was too bad to drive home, so we ended up sitting in Starbucks for like two hours. It was pretty awesome.

As I said, I went to Urban Outfitters today. I didn't get much because I was just there last weekend but here's what I got:

Vintage-y Cigarette Case
I read in Marie Clare that Ashley Olsen uses a Vintage Cigarette Case as a wallet, so I bought a vintage cigarette case to look like a wallet ("I saw Regina George wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops" ... call it!). It's really pretty and it holds everything I need it to. It's great and I am really, really obsessed with it. I've been showing it off to everyone I've seen.

New Notebooks
The DJ one is my favorite, but school is too soon for even the prettiest of notebooks to make it any better.

Some Acid Wash Jeans
I tried on those red and purple skinny jeans that I wanted oh so much, but I felt like Richard Simmons, so I opted for the next funkiest thing. There's a really nifty zipper on the bottom, which is awesome because im short so they don't look stupidly long.

Cool Snake Bracelet!
This is the coolest piece of jewelry ever. It's gorgeous, but Katie talked me out of it. She hates snakes. Boo.

Moving on to a pretty similar obsession:

Urban Outfitters + ________
In case you haven't noticed, Urban Outfitters has been teaming up with my favorite things, NYLON magazine and the Cobra Snake. I love the Nylon+UO thing, especially the pull out Plastiscines catalog that came in the August issue of Nylon. It's quite inspirational. And I'm not really sure how the Cobra Snake thing is going to work, I think he's just shooting a Look Book for UO, but I'm sure it can't be bad. I love, love love, love love love the Cobra Snake.

Speaking of pictures from the cobra snake....

I want a headband like the one that girl is wearing. They were $12 at UO, which I thought was a bit steep for a braided piece of fabric, but now that I think about it, I'm probably not going to find much cheaper.... ideas? :]

I also saw this really adorable raccoon pillow. It's the cutest.

In music news:

I have officially crowned Cameron Matthew Followill my favorite King of Leon. To you this may seem like nothing, but trust me it is a big deal. I used to worship Jared.

And as if we didn't need another reason to love Chloe Sevigny:

Her spread in this month's Bazaar is ridiculously dope. It's titled "They Tried to Make Me Go To Rehab," and you can see it all here.

To finish it off, I have an opinion question and I'd like as much input as you all are willing to give :]

I love these old school Nike's, but I have numerous reasons for not buying them [yet]. I feel like I can't wear them with much. I also feel like I can't wear them without looking like a scene kid. What do you think?

That's all for now. I'll try to make tomorrow's post good because it's the last day of summer!


Rollergirl said...

Hola, thanks for your comments! I love old school Nikes but I have the same problem as you - what do you wear them with? For me it's a jeans issue. I'm still rocking my skinny jeans and those chunky shoes do NOT go with a skinny-ankle jean, right?

The Plastiscines - LOL, I told you I was out of touch. There's me thinking I discovered them and now they'e in some UO supplement - pffft!

Cigarette case-slash-wallet. Sweet idea, love it.

Harpers Bazaar/Chloe Sevigny - Good to see HB pushing the boundaries a bit with this idea (cos their shoots are usually quite dreadful)but I have to say I'm over the faux paparazzi fashion shoot. Do something different guys!!

Nice post, hope you've escaped the worst of the storm :)

Navi said...

I have the same exact notebooks. I have the DJ one and I chose the one with the funky looking bird on it.
Just for school.
Goddamn, I love urban outfitters.

Navi said...

I own a pair of old school nikes and I gotta say they were a really good investment. They're super comfortable and surprisingly I havent seen a lot of kids wearing them. People are still madly in love with their chucks.

alexgirl said...

Uh-mazing post!
I love all the Urban Outfitters goodies. Those acid washed jeans are frigging awesome.
Kings of Leon are amazing. I love them. Their music just makes me so happy. Good choice.
And I love that first pic of the tornado. I mean, scary, but a freakin' awesome picture. Haunting!
Love your blog, too!!! Want to trade links?

LML said...
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LML said...

have i told u how much im in love w/ your blog? well i am!
love the stuff u got @ urbans, and like the snake bracelet incedent, my friend told me not to get a felt 40's style hat @ urbans... and now i really want it
and the chloe sevigny editorial is awesome - she is too underrated - i love her!

amazing post - and i loved the mean girls quote- i recite that movie all the time too :)

discothequechic said...

This is such a great post, lots of satisfying things for me to feast my eyes on!

The cigarette case is really nice, hah, your Regina George comment made me laugh, because that was kind of what I was thinking!

S xx

jayne said...

haha, actually the vintage cigarette case for a wallet, intrigued me too. still, i once used a checkbook holder made out of fashion magazines as a wallet (well it is pretty awesome and i don't have a checkbook) and i always spilled my cards everywhere, i would be driving away and then realize my license was on the counter in the kitcher...ooops lol, so regular old wallets for me!

i love those jeans, they're very rocker-ish, i loved the colorful skinnies too, however my friends would give me way too much shit for them, one time i wore a red striped luella for target blazer and they said i looked like an ice cream man haha, all in good humor of course, but being the butt of a joke for an entire day isn't as amusing as it sounds!

racoon pillow! ooo cute :)

and btw, in response to the comment you left on my blog, i think evan is a bit of a creeper myself! why the hell is she w/ marilyn manson and her movie roles are very offbeat! still that pic was fantastic so i used it :)

discothequechic said...

yeah, I'd been looking for a plaid shirt for a while too, but my tip if definitely to look for men's ones as they're cheaper, simpler, and oversize!

I get the impression there are a lot of second hand ones out there to get your mits on..

Love that C Sevigny ed so much. Must check it out.

S xx

sebastian perinotti said...

luv those nike's