Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm Gettin Bored Of Bein Bored.

So, starting a blog has been on my list of things to do for about two years now. I clearly missed the boat as many people have become famous through their blogs, and my freaking mom even has a fairly popular one. But that's alright.

Here's a quick explanation: On a daily basis I find new things to be obsessed with (bands, tv shows, models, magazines, overall fabulous people, etc.) and then I forget about them the next day. These are mental notes to myself and people who, for some reason, want to share my random, eccentric interests.

Today I Became Obsessed With

The Rock Life on Vh1 Check It Out
I really had no intentions of getting myself hooked on yet another show at the end of summer, but I could hardly contain myself when I was flipping through channels and heard Jane Fonda playing in the background of an L.A. montage. As if I wasn't completely fascinated by L.A. culture enough, right? So this show follows Cisco Adler and his band Whitestarr as they try to make it big with a new album. Cisco is fascinatingly professional and outrageous. One minute he's pissed because they haven't made a good business impression with their manager and the next he's got his package all over the internet because of a riot he started at a show. The whole band moves in together to create this masterpiece album, and I'm really, really curious as to what they'll come up with. This show basically combines my love for LA and almost rockstars, plus it gave me a new favorite quote: "It's either cry or party. So, we're going to party, right?"

Plastiscines So Go Listen Already
Honestly, I find a band on Myspace, or in Nylon or elsewhere that I think is really going to be my next phase at least once a day. But, I haven't like an all girl band since the Donnas (and we don't like to talk about that). Their debut CD, LP1, came out in July, I haven't bought it yet, but I'm sure I'll make a stop at the record shop on the way home from work tomorrow. They have serious potential to make my list of Top 10 favorite bands due to their original mix of rock and semi-50s ish jams. Plastiscines are upbeat, fun, and [not to sound sexist, butttt] they play their instruments like dudes. Talented dudes at that.

I suppose those are my only two obsessions of the day, which is quite out of character. But I'm sure there will be much much more where that came from.


Navi said...

Plastiscines rock the house.

Mary Lee said...

Fairly popular one? FAIRLY popular?!?!? *sniff* I'm deeply hurt by this faint praise.

We'll have a BIG party when your Technorati authority and rank are as good as ours.

(And watch your back, sweetie. You're not the only one who can leave snarky comments!)