Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Like Your Sundress

Today I drove downtown to the record shop, and go figure, they didn't have Plastiscines. But I did find some free Fratellis stickers, which is always good. We tried to sneak into Knocked Up at the Dollar Theater, tried being the key word. We bought tickets to Spiderman3, which was the last theater on the right, and of course Knocked Up was the first theater on the left. Because of all the madness, I only have one new obsession, which was the awesome mix cd Jaymie burned for us when we went downtown.

Since there's not really too much information I can give you to back up my obsession with this lovely mix cd, I'm going to let you experience it for yourself! Here are some highlights
Penny on the Train Track - Ben Kweller
Stella - Interpol
Shoot the Runner - Kasabian
Daft Punk Is Playing At My House - LCD Soundsystem
I Gotcha - Lupe Fiasco

enjoyyyy :]


alyssa said...

if only, if only. i should make time for magnolia. for some reason, i feel like that's not its name.

alyssa said...

hahahahha two completely different genres. i tried looking for the a list once. i'll look into it