Monday, August 13, 2007

Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

So today I worked all day, which in most cases would mean that I didn't find much to be obsessed with. HOWEVER, work was slow, so I had a lot of time to think. And read NYLON.

Today's Highlights:

The Nerd Herd are you superbad?
Is anyone else as SUPERPUMPED for SUPERBAD as I am? Judd Apatow is seriously the single best thing that has happened to comedy in the past ten years, and I hope, hope, HOPE superbad is as freaking hilarious as it looks. This Nerd Herd, as I have cleverly coined them [ok, so journalists everywhere have probably been using this term for a good two years now], has been responsible for most of my "Shoot, I think I just peed a little from laughing too hard" moments this summer. Knocked Up, anyone? That movie was freaking genius. Anchorman? Yes, I do know every word. Steve Carrell, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd (my personal favorite) are the best out there, and that's all I have to say about that.

Raquel Zimmermann
I can't say I really know too much about Raquel Zimmerman, except that she is gorgeous and the new Jessica Stam.

The Horrors the new thing
So. These Horrors fellows that you've been reading about since last December actually turned out to be exactly what I expected. They sound like the Ramones+some synth and dance-iness. All the songs aren't that great, but I've listened to a couple of them at least five times today. She Is the New Thing and Count In Fives get are catchy catchy and I can't stop listening to them. Literally. Check out that recently played thing over there on the right.
See For Yourself. Download Count In Fives

That's all for now. Surely more obsessions will arise tomorrow, as I have no work and no plans. Yet.

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alyssa said...

i'm down with becoming famous bloggers. perhaps "summer!" will turn into a list of pet peeves, invisible parties, and entertainment. i can't wait. scoot over cory kennedy