Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hey. I Put Some New Shoes On...

Sorry for the lack of postage in the last three days. I haven't really been busy. But I haven't really had anything exciting to write about either. But now I have new and exciting things to post because I went shopping :] YAY.

So first of all, my new favorite store is the Emporer's Newest Clothes. It's in Grandview and it's affordable and adorable. I would make a whole paragraph about it, but it has no website. Instead, I will make a paragraph about what a bought there:

The first top is by CeCiCo and the second Piko1988. I can't find anything else by these designers anywhere so if anyone knows anything about them, please tell me! They were both $29, which was a pretty good deal, I'd say.

Then I bought some shoes...

Oh how I love mocassins, and these are the comfiest mocassins EVER. Minnetonka will save your feet.

These are from Urban Outfitters, I bought them a couple weeks ago, but I haven't really worn them much since it's August. Also, I don't really know what to wear them with. Any suggestions would be faaaaabulous.

So, much thanks to Plain Jayne, I have discovered Kate Hudson as Daisy Buchanan. The Great Gatsby is my favorite book of all time and I LOVE when my favorite things are combined. The Great Gatsby+Fashion, what could be better? I recall Interview doing a Scott and Zelda fashion spread (based on F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda's lavis lifestyle) a couple months ago, but this one definitely takes the cake. I am ecstatic and can't wait to get a copy and hang all of it on my walls.

And finally. These amazing post its (I really, really, really like post its, okay?)

They're by Galison and they come in, like, six different prints. I want them all, but I love the Urban Houndstooth the most. The variety of sizes is awesome because sometimes you just don't need a whole 4x4 post it and sometimes you need more than that. They're convenient and cutee and they fit in your purse without getting ruined.

That is all for now, but hopefully I'll be finding things to be obsessed with more frequently :]


Navi said...

Wikid boots.
I'm a big advocate for Urban Outfitters... what! what!


cute shirts<3

Dani said...

These boots are great. Winter just ended here in Brazil and a lot of girls were wearing those boots with wool shorts, or even jeans shorts. They looked fab! You should try that.
The tops you got are gorgeous, specially the first one.
Yup, you're a post it expert. They are lovely!

Emily ♥ said...

Adorable tops
As for the boots... wear them with anything!
Hehe, and the post its are cute too.

Anonymous said...

nice buys :) i particularly love the ruffled blouse

and yes interview did do a fabulous scott & zelda spread! i found it totally awesome because i had just finished writing a paper on zelda, so it was perfect timing :)

Emma said...

I would suggest those boots with caramel-colored tights and a light brown baby doll dress which I will be posting in my next post. This might all turn out looking awful, but it's just what I'm visualizing. Then again, I'm insane so you have to factor that in.
Exchangez-vous links?

Navi said...

Unfortunately, I've only got - La Regle Du Jeu.
I think I'm gonna have to look for it online somehow.
But here it is:

LML said...

love the purchases!
those boots are amazing! hmm... i would prob wear it with a black tshirt dress or maybe tuck skinny jeans into them - but whatever you do im sure it will look fabulous!

lluviaschick said...

love your mocassines, they are wonderful... about wearing leather and fur... this season is rocking the trend, but I agree with you and houses like Prada are ralising about it... designing fake furs and other similar materials