Monday, February 11, 2008

I Don't Give A Damn About My Bad Reputation.

I've been watching Freaks and Geeks at school the last few days thanks to an awesome Independent Study teacher of mine... she uses the show to teach her On Your Own class... I'm not in that I just take advantage of her DVD boxed set. And seriously... it is worth your $55 if you've never watched it before.

This show is absolutey hilarious. It's one of Judd Apatow's earliest works, for those of you who don't already know... and it stars three of my favorite people in the world.

1. Seth Rogen

As if I wasn't in love with him enough from Knocked Up and Superbad...

2. Jason Segel

The understated dude on the left being overtaken by James Franco's beauty. He was in Knocked Up ("....gynecology is just a hobby of mine, but i'd say she's crowning.") and he's hilarious in How I Met Your Mother.

and finally the true love of my life:

He is ineffably (english vocab word of the week; meaning unable to be described in words) beautiful I can't even stand it. He smirks and manipulates and totally pulls off the bad boy image with a charming sweet side SO perfectly... i just melt and end up standing in a giant puddle of Alexa.

Also... is it weird that I can COMPLETELY identify with main character Lindsay Weir?

In that she is completely torn between hanging out with her old safe friends and her new 'freak' friends who don't really completely accept her but are a lot more fun than her old friends? And she somehow always believes that the bad boy is falling for her than gets slapped in the face at the end?! hypothetically speaking in generalities of course....

all i really have to say is freaks and geeks is the best show from the 90s excluding saved by the bell, and that says a lot. go watch it.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

She's Been Up All Night


so i'm going to do a collection of the day for every day of fashion week. i probably won't get to it every day, but i'll cover every day, don't worry. so today i'm going to do my favorite of today and yesterday. and we'll see how it goes from there.

FRIDAY 2.1.8.
Collection of the Day: Boy by Band of Outsiders
To be quite honest, I wasn't really too impressed with any of Friday's collections, but Boy was my favorite. It's very masculine, go figure, right? and maybe a little old, but at least it was done well. It shared many of the same silhouettes and ideas as Elie Tahari, but I feel like overall it was more my style, and presented much better.
Here are a few of my favorite looks:

The coat is obviously a classic and fashion staple, but I love that the pants are cropped Audrey style to at least vary up the skinny leg a bit.

I love the combination of plaids. It's super '80s boy preppy for a girl, and really, who could ask for more?

It reminds me a bit of Chanel... ok a lot, but I like Chanel, so I like this too.

I love purple and the shape of the coat. It's young and fun.

This is total Billie the Kid attire...Rockin'.

As for the others:
Vera Wang's Lavender Label collection was a bit too conservative and the pattern and color combinations just didn't do it for me.
There was absolutely nothing I enjoyed about Rachel Roy's collection. The clothing reminded me of Condoleeza Rice just as much as the models....perhaps that was the vision, either way i don't like it.
And like I said earlier... Elie Tahari was well done but I feel like I've seen it all before.

Collection of the Day: Nicole Miller
Again, it's kind of repetitive of a lot that I've seen before, especially in even main stream fashion chains, but it was a bit more extravagant I guess, and again the most matching of my style.
My favorite looks...

I actually really like the print and the cape because it's so small and conventional instead of most over the top capes and prints and everything.

Same thing, and I love the contrasting textures with the complementary shapes.

One of my favorites because it looks comfy and cute, and it's long enough to be worn without pants and not one of those shirts that people think are dresses.

It's very simple, and you could probably find a much cheaper version at American Apparel, but again comfy, sporty and cute.

I usually don't like dresses that are cut like this because I find that the bottom is often far too short to cover my behind... but this is long enough, therefore I like it. Also I like the neck and the sleeves.

I like htis dress because it's superrrr 80s prom. That's really it.

Other collections:
BCBG Maxaria looked like every other BCBG collection, which I guess is ok, but whatever.
Douglas Hannant was very pretty, but a bit too old for my liking.
I liked all the solid pieces of Erin Fetherston's collection, but the pattern choice was unflattering and homemade Easter dress looking.
Jason Wu was lookin pretty Easter meets Funeral.
Katy Rodriguez had a few cute dresses, but overall way too trekkie for my taste.
I liked the eclectic ideals behind Rachel Comey's collection, but I felt like the execution was bad and it looks too old lady.
I actually realy loved Rag and Bone... I don't know why I didn't choose it as my collection of the day.
The presentation of Sue Stemp's collection was so "angsty teenager being forced to dress up" and the dresses were too Macy's Prom.
I liked the monochromatic color pallaete of Yigal Azrouƫl's collection, but to me all the looks looked the same.

Also, I'll probably update my MP3 player over there sometime soon, so if you have any suggestions I would truly appreciate them.

p.s. here's my weekly top from