Sunday, September 9, 2007

Me Likey.

Erg... I don't know how a week went by. But school has been intense. I had like five projects and tests this week. blaghhslkjfadhfkja. I dont really have anything to say. Except that I'm in love love love with Elizabeth and James, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's contemporary new line. I haven't been able to find much of the Row, but from what I can tell, E&J is more "affordable" and real-life fitting.

As we all know, i love plaid.

If i was a 00 I would buy those shorts... now.

pretty pretty.

oh clothes. how i've missed buying you since summer.

ooooh and im also obsessed with my new blackjack

it's fun and small and light and fast and awesome.
if anyone knows how to get music on this thing without actually connecting it to the computer, enlighten me.


Amy said...

mk and a have a line???? it looks great, where can i get 'em??

LML said...

same question as amy: where do u get elizabeth and james? do you kno if its affordable?.. anyways im in love with it :)

penelope said...

lol! i've heard that e&j afforadable is kinda lyk saying christian louboutins are slightly exp. yer.. owell. the clothes are FABBB!

A said...

aw, I'm so jealous of your blackjack! my phone is crappy and as old as my grandpa ;)

Ana said...

i love the plaid shirts but im sure you could find something like them at a thrift store or in mens H&M

Shopaholic D said...

wow! their collection looks a lot better than i thought it would. very chic! i like how it seems to really reflect their personal style - i can see them actually wearing those clothes (I wonder if they will?).

:) D