Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Indian Summer

After taking a very long dive into the fashion blogging world yesterday, I felt bombarded by a trend that I've always been intrigued by: Native American Headdresses. Though a bit costumey (ok, a lot costumey), they are something obviously timeless and absolutely gorgeous.

To start with my favorite look from the Cobra Snake...

Though this look was worn to what was essentially a costume party, in the right setting I think it could be pulled off by someone just hipster enough, especially when paired with neon green nail polish and other modern accessories and a simple outfit.

I then went on to find a few more examples on Wildfox Couture's blog:

This photoshoot was done in portrayal of young adult novel Weetzie Bat, which is about a sort of outcast, LA teenage girl. I've never read it, but from what I've researched it seems like a mix of the Virgin Suicides and a hopefully less serious young adult counterpart...maybe Gossip Girl (in which case, this book has just shot to the top of my to-read list, but that's beside the point).
I like the way this photoshoot adds to the carefree and hippie aspect of wearing a headdress. It seems fun and nostalgic, and somehow not completely out of place. I'll attribute that to the camera filter.

I also found this on Wildfox Couture and I find the vibe to be completely different. Though the actual headdress itself is more understated, paired with the fur coat, it's a combination of glamour and free spirit, almost reminiscent of Almost Famous's Penny Lane.

I found this picture of Gisele in a headdress, and while I can't really say too much about the way it contributes to the look, because well, it is the look, I can say that I like how it's used as a sexy, fun and girly accessory.

Finally, one of my all time favorite photos, regardless of the headdress:

Paired with the Van Halen tshirt and loose waves, the headdress has more of a rock and roll vibe, while obviously still portraying Mary-Kate's free spirit. Words can't even describe how much I love this picture so I'll just say alskdjfal;skdj.


Some people--Ke$ha--give headdresses a bad name. She screams dirty, forward, and completely off-putting, and these are all traits I would prefer not to associate with such a beautiful accessory. Although I'm sure Ke$ha would love to describe herself as a free-spirit, I would prefer to describe her as a hot mess. On her, this look says "trying to hard."

To conclude, what I love about this look is it's inherent free spiritedness, fun, pretty, colorful, hippie look that says a lot about its wearer's attitude. However, I can see where the abuse of this over-the-top headwear is completely unnecessary and a bit hard to pull of in daily life...but I want to pull it off....

How do you think I can adapt this look, and in what situations do you think it's appropriate? Do you like it, or do you hate it?


I don't really care about her current forced living arrangements, I still love Linds. Check out her awesome new photoshoot on 80spurple!


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