Thursday, December 16, 2010


If a group of butterflies takes off in Thailand, it can cause rainstorms in New York.

Oh college, how I love you. But winter break, I love you too. College is full. Full of things to do, people to see, facebook profiles to stalk. My downtime is spent vegging, and the last thing I want to do is read "for fun." But after a week and a half of break, I realized what I have been missing.

I have read two absolutely amazing books, Matched by Ally Condie, and Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. Though completely different, they were both page turners, books I ravaged through and [remarkably] even finished (even the epilogue!!), and I could not wait to pass along to my friends.

These books both had amazing female characters, which is really huge for me. I found myself relating to both protags, which hadn't happened in a while.

Really, these books just reminded me to pay attention to what is beautiful in life and not overanalyze it.

Post pictures, just because they're pretty and I like them:

Or drink overpriced Starbucks just because I want to, even though it tastes like dog piss (one of the many lessons to be learned from Before I Fall).

Though I don't want to review books right now because 1) it's late and 2) i'll leave that to my mom, I just want to say that today, i more than like, i LOVE reading. I love the enlightened, empowered, and optimistic feeling that good books leave you with, and most of all, today, i love life, and i hope you all do too :]

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