Monday, August 9, 2010


MY GOODNESS. It has been such an embarassingly and ridiculously long time since I've written much of anything other than crappy college papers, and this is something I am not proud of. However, after boring months of summer part-time work and laziness, combined with hours of late night StumbleUpon sessions, I have decided that this is completely inexcusable. There is so much to be inspired by and to like in the world, and why I am not sharing what I like on at least an every-other-daily basis is absurd to me (how vain that I think my interests are so fascinating to other people, right?).

Anyway, after succumbing to the pop culture mecca that is Twitter, I've decided it's a little ridiculous to have a Twitter account (@alexasibberson, for all of you who I'm sure are interested) that is unaccompanied by a blog or website or cultural reference point of some sort.

After re-reading through my past blog posts, I MISS THIS! I can't wait to find all the gems culture has to offer...a legitimate excuse to spend even more time on the computer this summer.

So I'll just jump right back in where I left off...I'll start with things I like and a recap from this summer so far (mind you, I'm probably months and months behind).

I stumbled upon these old pictures of classic Hollywood icons the other day and I think the carefree characteristics in both of them is so timelessly nostalgic. They perfectly capture everything I love about fashion, pop culture, old Hollywood icons, and all the like. They really inspired me to start up this blog again for various reasons:

1. They look behind the stereotypical put together image of old Hollywood and show true personality. To me this is extremely important; it is always necessary to remain true to yourself, while knowing when to pull it together professionally.

2. The actual fashion itself. I kind of [regrettably] checked out of the fashion world when I went to college this year, and after perusing much missed issues of ELLE and Vogue this summer, I realized how much I miss it. I miss admiring pictures in magazines and pulling together outfits of my own, and I miss emulating the timeless styles of others and sharing it and getting feedback via blogging.

But anyway, over the course of the next week, I plan on getting this back up and completely running, and I couldn't be more excited about it!

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m said...

Yeah! Happy to see you're back to sharing your take.

Hope you had a great summer.

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