Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm Mrs. Oh My God That Britney's Shameless

helloooo loves! well i kind of missed the boat on the twelve days of christmas (i couldn't really think of twelve categories anyway, let's just be honest. i'm pretty good at alliteration, but you've gotta draw the line somewhere.) so i'm going to modify it to the Ten Days of christmas! Since there are ten days left, here is day number 10.

2007's Ten Most Talked About Trends!
(in no particular order).

From Amy Winehouse's [quite possibly] song of the year to Lindsay Lohan's soul searching journey, everyone has been talking about rehab this year! As posted about over at Discotheque Chic, it ain't never been hotter to check yo'self before you wreck yo'self. And, much thanks to Kate Moss and the negative hype swarming Amy and Pete, coke is soooo 2006.

Going on Strike!
Yes yes, we all miss the Office and all other non-reality shows dearly, and i'm still bummed i didn't get to see Wicked in New York, but good for these workers for standing up for their rights. Writer's and stagehands are as much a part of the show as the actors and actresses and they deserve to be treated like it.

Gone Green... be back soon.
If Barney's uses it as a campaign, I guess you can say that it's pretty trendy, right? The above pictures are the Holiday Barney's giftcards, but if that doesn't sell you on going green, join Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio and even Paris freakin' Hilton in their quests to make the world a better place (JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON PEOPLE)!

Female Singers
This year the chicas rocked the houssssssse, and they're really getting credit for it! Unlike the pop outbreak of the late 90s, these girls are actually talented.... most of them released CDs this year. And yes, you even see britney in that little collage, although she may not be the most respected, the girl knows how to get attention as a female recording 'artist.'

Disney Channel Stars
With Hannah Montana's blowout tour (which i got the chance to see this week... uh... MAZING!) with the Jonas Brothers and her hit TV show drawing in not only seven year olds but people of all ages, and High School Musical 2 and 3 coming out next summer, Disney Channel has never been succesful, and it's never been this hip to be a Disney Star.

Mug Shots!
Who needs photoshoots when you can have this many mugshots? After the first time, you really get a knack for making yourself look good in those crappy pixelated cameras as demonstrated by Paris Hilton. Plus, most of our favorite celebutantes (how i hate the word...) are far beyond their first time anyway...

Knocked Up?
Seriously, between the hilarious movie, the hit Kings of Leon song and all these baby bumps, I don't think I've ever seen this many pregnant people in my life. Baby Boom take 2?

Making an Idiot of Yourself!
I don't think I can count the number of times I've seen a celebrity vagina this year on one hand (well, at least the censor covering it, thank god.). Which is pretty ridiculous. And how many times does it take Paris to realize that someone will be taking pictures of the drunken stripping in public? Seriously girlies, catch on.... all publicity isn't good publicity.

Gossip Girl!
Just in time to pull you out of your Post-OC depression before it got toooo serious! Josh Schwartz is amazing, right? This show is full of ridiculously unrealistic drama, fashion, extravagence... OC style! So maybe there's no Marissa Cooper, but that Serena van der Woodsen seems like a good enough TV persona for me to get emotionally attached too...

Being Victoria Beckham!
I don't think I heard this much about Victoria Beckham when the Spice Girls were a band the first time and I religiously checked their website and bought all those Bookfair books about them.... She gets a lotta slack for being an arm accesory to David Beckham and a fembot and anorexic and whatnot, but I think she's pretty cool... i love her style, and honestly, who doesn't wish they could pull of that hair cut?

i'll hopefully be back with day nine maƱana... until then, peace!


MENTAL (Sage) said...

i love your post! thx for the comment!

deexdeexdreamer said...

oh god...gets you thinkin what can top this next year huh?!

...and is it wrong to think piece of me is an improvement for britbrit? yes? just checking.

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

Loving your end of the year wrap up!!

Anonymous said...

omg you're absolutely right haha!

btw love four winds :)

discothequechic said...

Oh God, I love you Britney, but for now, you need to go away.

Great summary!

ashley said...

wow, this is such a perfect summary of the year's trends!!

ashley said...

wow, this is such a perfect summary of the year's trends!!

Anonymous said...

wow, you summed it up incredibly well, and pictures of it all was a plus!

Heather said...

haha, all so funny and so true! I was glad Feist put out an amazing album this year, and the writer's strike makes me cry.

a. said...

i finally, finally completed my seven facts.

it's been forever i know. but it's up now.


molly said...

i think youre an alternate-universe alexa chung!
oh wait...same universe
well youre the next best thing to alexa chung, then!

molly said...

and i LOVED this post by the way!

LML said...

omg what a year it has been!!!! sooo many things! wonder what 2008 will bring?

happy holidays :D

fashionistakay said...

i just found out about that whole rockin' blogger award thing that you passed to me like back in know its passed...but thanks!Anyway, yea rehab has been a major trend this year...pretty ridiculous.And I got a good kick out of those mugshots.
p.s.I have a new post so check it out when you can!

Camilla said...

Awesome post! I'm still laughing, so funny!