Monday, February 11, 2008

I Don't Give A Damn About My Bad Reputation.

I've been watching Freaks and Geeks at school the last few days thanks to an awesome Independent Study teacher of mine... she uses the show to teach her On Your Own class... I'm not in that I just take advantage of her DVD boxed set. And seriously... it is worth your $55 if you've never watched it before.

This show is absolutey hilarious. It's one of Judd Apatow's earliest works, for those of you who don't already know... and it stars three of my favorite people in the world.

1. Seth Rogen

As if I wasn't in love with him enough from Knocked Up and Superbad...

2. Jason Segel

The understated dude on the left being overtaken by James Franco's beauty. He was in Knocked Up ("....gynecology is just a hobby of mine, but i'd say she's crowning.") and he's hilarious in How I Met Your Mother.

and finally the true love of my life:

He is ineffably (english vocab word of the week; meaning unable to be described in words) beautiful I can't even stand it. He smirks and manipulates and totally pulls off the bad boy image with a charming sweet side SO perfectly... i just melt and end up standing in a giant puddle of Alexa.

Also... is it weird that I can COMPLETELY identify with main character Lindsay Weir?

In that she is completely torn between hanging out with her old safe friends and her new 'freak' friends who don't really completely accept her but are a lot more fun than her old friends? And she somehow always believes that the bad boy is falling for her than gets slapped in the face at the end?! hypothetically speaking in generalities of course....

all i really have to say is freaks and geeks is the best show from the 90s excluding saved by the bell, and that says a lot. go watch it.


Bianca said...

James Franco is totallt gorgeous

Anonymous said...

James Franco just melts my heart. I've been dying to see him in the movie where he portrays James Dean. I really do see a resemblance though.

discothequechic said...

looks good to me, certainly has the right people in it to make up a good formula.

Will have to check it out!

SICK. said...

that looks, amazing.

ps i like that song in your title .

Heather said...



Like I watched the whole thing over the course of a week and then wished I'd never seen it so I would get the pleasure of watching it for the first time again.

It's so real and so beautiful and funny and tragic and I want Bill Haverchuck to be my best friend.


LML said...

hmmm.. i need to go rent this - i like all these actors too!

Wendy said...

Oh man, I have to get my hands on a copy.

sierra said...

oh! i soo want to see that show.

James Franco..

Luna said...

Aah what's Freaks and geeks? Is it new?
I'm norwegian so I don't know :p

Love your blog!

Unrealized Fish said...

I've never seen it before, but it looks great, haha. And I love the girl's jacket. Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

I remember that show and that song!

I love it!

Tinsley said...

I love this show so much! mostly because of his hotness james franco but other than that its hilarious and greatly written

The Clothes Horse said...

I never fully understood the meaning of "bedroom eyes" until I saw James Franco in 'Freaks and Geeks...' I was ready to go to bed...

donna AND navaz said...

What is Freaks & Geeks? Please explain...!

LBIC said...

I don't understand why MTV doesn't replay this show like it did My So Called Life. They should instead of the million times they're going to repeat ANTM episodes.

LeWak said...

it got cut short way too soon
very funny

molly said...

this show sounds awesome i cant wait to check it out!

Belle said...

okay, if James Franco looks that HOT in it i feel obligated to watch it.

Fungus said...

you're cool!
you're wow!
i totally agree with everything you say, and you like vampire weekend and kate nash too, that's a reaaaaally good thing! i haven't watched juno yet, cause its out of the cinema's but not on dvd yet, bugger.. oh and i loooove your header, where did you get the pic? it's awesome

you roooooooock

Fungus said...

oh and adam green ofcourse , he's sooo cute
bluebirds are so natural i want to buy them for my friends.. also great song

MH said...

Aww, I used to watch that when I was small. I hadn't thought of it in ages, though I prefered it to Saved By the Bell.

Alexa, I love your blog title picture of Kirsten Dunst!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! ;)
Freaks and Geeks is a great show!
I see you haven't updated your blog for a long time which is a pity :(
Would you please update? :)

Wendiva said...

did not know this show was entertaining...thanks for the rec!!

molly said...

where you at??

bohobum said...

ha, that's so funny- cause as I was scrolling down & could only see the headline-the imagined the F&G yearbook photoshoot. Freaks&Geeks is the best.
oh, you should check out undeclared (apatows college show) too! Seth's gott a bigger & more hilarious role and segal plays a hilarious, creepy boyfriend to one of the main female characters. it's not as touching as f&G but I think it's more fun.

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Weekly Blogette said...

i really want to see Franco's role as James Dean, its supposed to be a TNT movie but im not sure if its been on tv yet.hmm...
p.s. please post again soooooon!
the WB