Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Who's Your Boyfriend?

well. right now mine's Adam Green.

he's wonderfully erratic, semi depressed and quite witty (aren't all the singer songwriters i write about?). I got his Gemstones cd like a weekish ago or something and i adore him... i've meant to listen to him for such a long time because he's apparently like best friends with the Strokes (i heard a fab moretti reference in a song...) but i've only now just found his cd, and i am ever so greatful.

if you want to see what else i'm listening to... i've cleverly started using my last.fm again.... here's my weekly top

blahblahblah. anywhoo, i didn't really find too many after chrismtas sale items which was kind of a bummer. i spent more money on books, which is not so much a bummer. currently i am about 30 pages into each of the following books:

Wondeful Tonight is a bit slower than I thought it would be, I wish it was a memior instead of a full on biography, because quite frankly i don't really care about Pattie Boyd's childhood. i want to get to the rock and roll years.
Atonement is really really good (obviously, i guess that's why they made it a movie...), so far my favourite of the three. I love the characters already, I haven't seen the movie yet, and I don't plan on it until after I read the book becaues books are always better anyway.
Victoria Beckham's book is pretty much just a refresher course on her personal style incase you've not been keeping up with People or Us or what have you lately. But i really like vicbeck, obviously. She always looks classy... so i guess reading her book can't hurt. plus she made a 'little black gucci dress' allusion, which i quite appreciated.

and finally.. isn't it totallly crazy that it's swimsuit season already?! i got my victoria's secret swim catalog in the mail the other day and i was amazed. nothing new has happened in a year with swimsuits apparently... but i do really like these from urban outfitters, i'm pretty sure theyre exactly the same as the ones i liked last year... leftovers?

also.. i saw walk hard. the only thing i have to say about it is don't waste $7. superlame. so i made up for it by seeing Juno three times. WIZARD. i've become a juno quoting fiend. no one understands haha. and i promise i really will try and write more, i just forget, and get bored and lazy and uninspired in these winter days haha.

PPS...PSS? i don't know i never learned. GO READ PLAIN JAYNE's NEWEST POST because it rocks the house.


Anonymous said...

wow! thanks i am totally honored! hehe

btw cute suits :)

and atonement is effing amazing!!! one of my fav books!

Anonymous said...


i ran across your blog today while reading pistolwhipped's.

i wanted to say that i thoroughly enjoy what i've seen so far and it creeps me out a little that we are so incredibly similar.

which probably creeps you out because you have no idea who i am, but trust me, we're a lot alike.

keep up the excellent work in reading my mind and putting it on the internet so i can read about things i am really interested in.

Wendy said...

Those bathing suits are too cute! Its a little early for me to even think about it, who knows how much could change in a couple of months.

I want to see Atonement, but maybe I should read the book.

Heather said...

I really want a retro swimsuit! I finally saw Juno, it was everything I hoped for! Just perfect. And afterward I had to go listen to Belle & Sebastian for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading Victoria Beckham's book too, it's great. I love her! And those gingham swimsuits are too cute.

Cool Urbanite. said...

Oh, those bathingsuits look very, very glamorous! And now I'm very curious to see the movie the Atonement. But first it's exam week. Blegh!

molly said...

ok ok you can have him, if i get permanant digs on alex turner ;)

dont worry, the pattie boyd book picks the up pace as soon as she moves out! and its well worth it

discothequechic said...

ohh Adam Green is nice.
Of course, being tight n shit wiht the Strokes doesn't hurt..

Love the bathing suits by the way..
they're sexy in a way that only a woman could understand!

discothequechic said...

ps.. this song!

I love it, is it new radiohead?

FashionQueen101 said...

he is totally cute!

I love the swimsuits

good post

FashionQueen101 said...

he is totally cute!

I love the swimsuits

good post


i have been dying to read victoras new book but havent gotten around to picking it up. and i love your header with kirsten dunst.. ew that spider creeps me out though- but i love her~

LML said...

love adam green - yea his lyrics are really funny!
and i love vintage style bathing suits - i wan looking for them all last spring and found some the closest i could fing - i love these tho!

Bianca said...

Hey great blog. Wanna link?

stupidcupcake said...

Adam Green is amazing. I love him, he is sooo cute.